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Climate Change should be our focus moving forward

Year 2021 witnessed ten big natural disasters caused by climate change. The damage inflicted by these
disasters, were up to the tune of 170 billion US dollars in monetary terms. Death figures were in
hundreds. Europe and US were two most affected areas. Out of these ten disasters, India suffered from
two and Asia was affected by three.

India first suffered due to the cyclone Yaas in the month of May and it caused huge damage in
Bangladesh as well. Monetary losses were of three billion US dollars and deaths were 19. Second big
calamity was cyclone Taukte, which was responsible for a loss of 1.5 billion US dollars and 198 deaths.
In US alone, cyclone IDA did the maximum damage, in the month of August. The monetary loss was of
65 billion US dollars and death toll was 95. Four countries of Europe, Germany, Netherland, Belgium and
France were affected by floods whereby monetary loss was of 43 billion US dollars. Deaths were 320.

These climate changes are impacting both rich and poor nations equally and immediate measures are
needed to arrest these occurrences. A budget of 100 billion US dollars was to be raised by the developed
nations, where they failed to do so.

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