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About Shivalik Tales

“The world is shaped by two things-stories told and the memories they leave behind.” ~ Vera Nazarian

Shivalik Tales

Are you a parent worried about your kid spending most of their waking time in front of a screen? Do you wonder if it is possible to free them of this online confinement and make them learn the good old traditional way? In times like these where it has become almost impossible to separate your child from being glued to the screens, we have a perfect getaway for your child’s creative thinking, providing a much-needed break from the screens and teach them in the best way known to mankind – Storytelling. We at Shivalik Tales are here to provide live interactive storytelling sessions where kids gain real knowledge without even realising. After all, “Who doesn’t like a good story?”

About Manish

Manish grew up surrounded by forests and wildlife. During his early years spent in the Doon valley and the Terai region of Kumaon, Manish discovered his love for nature. While still at school, Manish started working with several eminent environmentalists as a conservation activist. During his graduation days in Rishikesh, Manish was known as a “WANDERER OF THE GHATS” for he would spend chilly winter nights on the river bank, listening to the stories narrated by Sadhus (holy men) from all across India. Manish always aspired to become a professional wildlife photographer and spend his life, close to nature as long as possible. He had taken up trekking at a very early age.

Shivalik Tales will not stop fighting for a greener, healthier world. Our goal is to save the planet for our children. Help us to win.

Journey of Shivalik Tales

Knowledge and love for nature can change the course of our future and Shivalilk Tales is doing it’s bit. 

Sessions conducted
These sessions with children have been an unforgatable experience for them
More than 500 children have reaped the benfits of story telling session by Manish
Happy Parents
Parents have appreciated and praised Manish for his efforts

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